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Process Transition from Client end :

Process transition is an important aspect of a practice.

  • Minute information of the client is mandate.
  • Transition team is framed by multispecialty and professionally sound talented knowledgeable team.
  • Information’s needed for a transition were documented and acknowledged by client.
  • Process oriented nuances are trained to the operational team.
  • Pilot phase of process is delivered; feedback is shared to the team, once the quality is met to the client’s expectation level. Process is set to go live.
  • Team Managers and the SDA review the process set to define and plan to design enhancement in process.
  • Results of the performance is shared to the providers / billing companies in periodic manner.

Operational Implementation :

  • Proper Plan of transition executed internally
  • Revisit the process
  • Perform Gap Analysis
  • Implement the protocol
  • Ramp up the process
  • Show the out put

Compliance and Quality :

Quality is the basement of a company. We concentrate on the quality level, mere quality managing will not prevent the errors, training, retraining, frequent auditing and implementing will enhance the operational knowledge.

We have a quality team to audit each process, do a performance study on each process to make sure the performance is met out periodically apart from the delivery end quality team.