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Payment Posting

Cash posting is a process by which payments received from insurances, patients and other entities, towards settlement of claims, respective claims / patient accounts. Appropriate posting of the cash details will pave way for proper tallying of the AR status. Timely posting of Charge should be done, to give real picture of status of practice to providers. Even a minute missing of information / details dropped would result in incorrect reflection of the cash flow. The Team needs to be extremely knowledgeable and understand the necessity of posting the balance status. Any partial payment / overpayment status needs to be updated and needed corrective action to be performed.

  • Posting of the details contained in the EOB.
  • Should post the relevant charge in the appropriate patient’s account.
  • Initiate the process for the denied claims.

Patient pay posting: Patient responsibility includes co-pay, non-covered services, and deductible. Received sum should be tallied appropriately in the patient account. In case of meagre patient responsibilities, providers marks a cut off to be write offs, should be properly adjusted to show nil balance. All the transaction made through card / checks should be tracked and accounted.

  • EOB filing or scanning
  • Manual or Electronic Payer Interface Posting
  • Denial posting and processing
  • Reconciliation
  • Credit Balance Process
  • Secondary Claims process
  • Mediscope works on the denials (clinical, technical as well as short-payment denials) immediately after posting is completed.
  • Denials are analyzed and appropriate actions taken.